The Great Retail Shift

E-commerce has been the fastest growing industry in the past decade. As a result, traditional retail has been on a steep decline. Standard brick-and-mortar stores across the globe are selling less each year while online retail products are “flying off the digital shelves.” And with the pandemic surging consumer spending habits, keeping up with online retail is now a top priority. Based on these trends, companies have been forced to reevaluate their strategies to adjust to the new way of doing retail. With this great shift towards a more digital world, the need for leveraging useful data is now greater than ever.

The Wall Street Journal put out an article that describes the retail industry outlook for 2022. This report detailed all of the unusual issues that retailers are having to face today including the decreasing workforce and the unreliable supply chain management of foreign and domestic trade. These issues highlight that our world is not prepared to keep up the pace of the demand for online retail. All together suggesting that companies must restructure their outdated business models and adapt to the inevitable new era of e-commerce. “This will likely require entirely new ways of thinking and long-term commitments, but these efforts could forever change the way retailers conduct business. That future begins today, as retailers address near-term challenges with an eye on lasting benefits.”

While this vast evolution into web-based business offers many new opportunities, companies need the right toolsets in order to properly maneuver the digital market. Selling over the internet makes data analytics essential in order to ensure success and peak performance. Gaining the proper insights through data research helps your business understand what customers want and also see how your competitors are performing. Extracting this data is a tedious process that demands precise code requirements and the proper expertise. Firms attempting to pull the data themselves end up wasting time and resources and almost always come back with unreliable information that doesn’t match the original target data statistics.

DataDay offers dependable web data scraping that enables your business to visibly see all the metrics and useful information on retail websites. Our extensive tools in code along with our commitment to offering fair pricing make our service unmatched. We can neatly aggregate and deliver any set of data all in real-time for your convenience.

Advance with the changing market and adapt by gaining a better understanding of customer demands through sentiment analysis. Identify differences in product specifications and monitor pricing by partnering with us to pull the exact data you need and whenever you need it. Let us help you scale your business and integrate better market research practices through our reliable data extraction. See how DataDay can help assist your online business to excel and lead the competition during this time of market location shift.

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