Using Data for Good

In this current age of information, data is being used everywhere. More companies are catching on to the benefits of using data analytics to their advantage. There’s no denying that understanding the market better through observing the statistics will certainly serve the purpose of bringing in more capital for your business. However, what if using data wasn’t only for the purpose of making higher profits?

In February 2017, Florida State University conducted a study after years of research that enabled artificial intelligence to help save lives by preventing suicides. The machine learning project claims to offer predictions of suicides 2 years in advance with nearly 80% accuracy. It does so by combining patient details and factors to learn specific algorithms that come up with the predictions. This meaningful information could alert clinicians and therefore provide time to treat the patient and help stop tragedy. This data could help save thousands of lives.

A major goal at DataDay is to collect data that can be used to help solve existential issues and ultimately ensure the greater good for society. Though more innovations are being discovered daily, we are committed to being a part of this change through various ways.

Non-Profit Organizations

Charity organizations will always be in high demand of building the trust of their donors. They establish this trust by offering transparency on the allocation of donations and also revealing what their mission truly is. Revealing the data that shows donors where their money is going will help ensure further funding towards the cause. DataDay offers the reliable service of scraping the data that will show where donations are going and how much donors are helping.

DataDay is proud to offer data extraction services at discounted rates to registered non-profit organizations.


With the pandemic causing the healthcare system to spiral, the medical industry is needing all the help they can get. Seasonal data can reveal much about how and when illnesses are most prevalent, and thus prepare to prevent widespread cases. By analyzing health treatment data, virus testing results, or even experimentation data, together we can use the evidence to create better solutions that could ultimately help to save lives.

Validate Information Sources

News networks today are constantly being challenged for their accuracy. Left and right-winged viewpoints seem to only give opposing information that simply don’t add up. Instead of using opinions or political agendas, news networks should rely on real statistical data pulled by experts who validate informational integrity and quality. Reliable facts are something very rare today, let our experts find the data that tells the truth.

Help Prevent Crime

Data extraction can reveal alarming statistics that can help to avert illegal behavior. Pulling the right data can identify traveling trends to support local authorities in preparation for the heavy traffic. Our services can also aid the criminal justice system by using data to develop strategies to lessen the high prison population crisis. The Data-Driven Justice Initiative was founded to divert low-level non-violent offenders who are locked up because of mental illnesses. Data insights can identify these people and ensure they are given proper treatment rather than being placed in prison. This use of data will halt the repeating cycle of incarceration, lower prison populations, and save tax dollars.

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