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Business IntelligenceWeb data has become a critical source of information across all industries. Today, companies need to acquire & analyze the vast quantity of data available on the web in order to gain critical competitive advantages. To that end, DataDay offers a fully-managed web data extraction service. Among our offerings are price matching, competitive intelligence, sentiment analysis, lead generation, job monitoring and much more.

What sets DataDay apart from its competitors is our consistent accuracy, coverage, and speed of data delivery. We provide data that contains actionable information to help you make business critical decisions with confidence. The days of making blind decisions and hoping for the best are over. What makes consistent data extraction difficult for our competitors is the frequency at which the web changes. At DataDay, our proof of precision is that our platform includes a broad set of tools that expands the reach for needed data. Our product’s many features also ensure that we are always aware of any web domain changes that may occur and this detailed process guarantees that everything will be accounted for. The process of data acquisition also includes several layers of validation tooling, which send immediate alerts should a site exhibit even the smallest change. This means that we can more accurately classify the target data and whether or not it has changed. This flexibility allows us to quickly adapt to any situation that may occur on a website, ensuring your full dataset will be delivered every time.

DataDay’s core mission objective is centered on establishing trust with our customers via transparency and the consistent delivery of data. We look to maintain long-term relationships to help your business succeed as the market constantly changes. Talk with one of our experts and schedule your web data delivery pilot today.

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