The Truth About Data Accuracy

The Data IcebergIn today’s data-driven world, web scraping has become a crucial tool for businesses seeking valuable insights and competitive advantages. However, the web scraping industry is plagued by misleading claims like “99% accurate & comprehensive data” from data providers that simply cannot back it up. Incomplete and inaccurate data is all too common and unfortunately undermines the entire purpose of web scraping: to provide high quality data-driven insights. At DataDay, we believe in transparency and honesty, and we want to set the record straight. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why other web scraping companies may fall short of their lofty accuracy claims and how DataDay stands out as a leader in delivering superior data.

The Challenges Behind Accurate Web Data

Web scraping is a difficult practice with various types of challenges standing in the way, one of the most significant being the issue of incomplete data. As websites evolve and update regularly, it becomes increasingly difficult for web scraping processes to maintain high levels of accuracy, leading to missing, partial, or overall low quality data. Many web scraping companies struggle to adapt to structural changes and inconsistent page designs, leading to incomplete datasets.

Dynamic and Ever-Changing Websites

The dynamic nature of the web means that websites are constantly evolving, with frequent updates, redesigns, and changes in their structure. These changes may involve modifications to the HTML layout, class names, or identifiers that the web scraper relies on for data extraction. Inconsistent page designs across different sections of a website can also pose challenges, as the same data might be presented differently. Such alterations can impact the location of data elements, making it challenging for traditional web scraping methods to identify and extract the desired information accurately. As a result, data might be partially captured or, in some cases, entirely missed.

To combat these issues, DataDay’s proprietary software has robust page classification and error capturing capabilities. Our tools ensure that any structural changes, new navigation paths, or data updates are immediately detected and addressed. Our vigilant approach guarantees that no data points slip through the cracks, providing you with comprehensive and accurate datasets.

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Dynamic Content Handling

Modern websites heavily rely on JavaScript to load content dynamically, enhancing user experience. Unfortunately, traditional web scraping tools may fail to extract dynamically loaded data, leading to inaccuracies and incomplete datasets. In addition, many websites now require dynamic interaction by the user to reveal data which is not present in the default webpage. Such interaction can be overlooked or handled incorrectly, resulting in data that is never accessed nor captured.

At DataDay, we understand the importance of dynamic content in today’s websites. Our web scraping techniques include advanced JavaScript handling, allowing us to capture all relevant data. No matter how it’s presented on the site, you can be confident that no data is left behind. Whether it be AJAX loaded content, data accessed via interactive form’s, or data within single page Angular or React applications, DataDay’s cutting-edge capabilities have it covered.

Quality Control and Data Validation

Data accuracy is not only about completeness but also about the correctness of the extracted information. Some web scraping companies may overlook data quality issues, leading to erroneous or inconsistent data. Data can be mislabeled, miscategorized, or mishandled during the post processing and standardization phases. In such scenarios, the insights from this data at best will paint an incomplete or inaccurate picture and at worst point your business in the completely wrong direction.

Our team at DataDay takes data validation and quality control seriously. Our meticulous validation processes identify and eliminate errors, misspellings, or inconsistencies present in the scraped data. For every webpage we visit, we thoroughly verify that we are visiting the page that we expect and are extracting the correct data. This allows us to ensure that the data you receive is complete, accurate, and reliable.

Experience Matters

Experience is invaluable in the web scraping industry. Companies with less experience may lack the expertise and finesse required to handle the complexities of web scraping effectively. Whether it be naive approaches to website navigation or simplistic techniques used for data extraction, the result is usually the same: low data quality, volume, or both. Collecting a data from a small sample of pages is usally not too difficult. Doing it at scale, across multiple websites, that each contain their own disparate datasets that are presented in different ways is where the difficulty comes in, and this is where DataDay exceeds expectations.

With over 25 years of combined team experience, DataDay stands as a veteran in the web scraping domain. Our seasoned experts have encountered diverse web scraping challenges over the years, honing their skills to deliver top-notch services. You can trust DataDay to provide the highest quality data, customized to your specific needs.

DataDay in Action

Let us share a real-life success story that exemplifies DataDay’s commitment to delivering superior data solutions. A client operating in the real estate and property rental markets was using an in-house data scraping solution to gather information from various property listings and rental websites. Their team believed that their solution was capturing a substantial portion of available data, providing them with valuable insights for their business strategies.

Initially, the client came to DataDay simply seeking to expand their reach into additional websites. However, upon reviewing the client’s existing setup, our experienced team at DataDay immediately recognized the potential for improvement. We implemented a tailored web scraping solution that surpassed their expectations in both data quality and volume.

Enriched Schema and New Key Insights

By leveraging our team’s experience, and our advanced data validation and quality control functionalities, DataDay enriched the client’s schema with an additional 36 critical data points. These new data points provided a wealth of information that was previously obscured, offering the client an unprecedented depth of insights into the real estate and rental markets.

Massive Increase in Data Volume

The most striking outcome of DataDay’s solution was the staggering increase in data volume. In each scraping run, our solution generated an astonishing 30 thousand additional rows of data. This remarkable achievement represented a nearly 500% increase over the client’s previous in-house solution. The substantial boost in data volume demonstrated that the client’s previous solution was falling short in capturing a significant portion of available data. The vast amount of additional data uncovered clearly showcased the missed opportunities and data gaps that were not apparent before. DataDay’s transformative capabilities in web scraping enabled us to turn a simple expansion project into a game-changing transformation for our client.

The Reality of Competitor Solutions

DataDay’s successful collaboration with this client highlighted a concerning trend in the web scraping industry. In-house and competitor solutions present a risk that your business cannot afford to take. While some competitors may claim high data accuracy rates, their solutions often provide only moderate increases in data value at best. In worst-case scenarios, their offerings may give clients a false sense of data coverage and accuracy, leading to suboptimal decision-making.

At DataDay, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to provide our clients with the most extensive, high-quality data sets possible. Our dedication to excellence, combined with over 25 years of combined team experience, enables us to deliver reliable solutions that uncover hidden data opportunities and deliver real value to our clients.

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At DataDay, we recognize that incomplete data undermines the integrity and value of web scraping efforts. To address this challenge, we have developed cutting-edge solutions to ensure comprehensive and accurate datasets for our clients. Our commitment to delivering comprehensive and accurate datasets sets us apart from other web scraping companies. Our robust page classification and error capturing capabilities enable us to adapt to website changes proactively, ensuring that no data points slip through the cracks. When it comes to web scraping, DataDay empowers businesses with the highest quality data and unwavering accuracy.

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